COMPANY is the perfect synthesis of nature and technology, an expanding innovative company, which represent the e-commerce platform that was created to promote the fruits of our land cultivated with love: the pistachio of Bronte and its derivatives.

Every story has got the roots and the desire for new challenges incite us to invest in an innovate tradition of Bronte; we offering products of the highest quality with  rich genuine flavors which maintaining the natural taste and smell.

The idea sprang from a young Sicilian businessman; he created an innovative and fast work instrument which it was able to represent the pistachio in all its forms.

What does DOSicily mean?

This name has got three meanings: from DOS “Sicilian Products Origin”, “Designation from Sicily”, but the literal meaning in English is “Do Sicily”;  the same land that preserves the traditions and culture but now  it  feels the necessity to be acquainted with their products all over the world. In fact  was born in Bronte, a capital city of pistachio in the world.

The pistachio is dubbed “Green Gold” because it is a precious fruit that grows on the slopes volcanic of Etna. For all those, who want to take home a piece of Sicily, the company “DOSicily” is the right place!

This site offers a variety of products with excellence and  extraordinary culinary versatility; you can use these products  for appetizers, first hot and cold courses, meat and fish. This company is the perfect work instrument for business like ice-cream shops, cake shop and restaurant with a list of semi-finished and pure pistachio paste, as fine for the preparation of excellent pistachio ice-cream, Sicilian pistachio water-ice (Granita) and green pistachio pesto sauce for fresh pasta and delicious stuffing.

A variety products like shell and unshelled pistachios, grain and naturally grinded pistachios are good for realize incredible recipes, and increasing their quality level. Moreover, our specialty gastronomic confectionery such as  Christmas pistachio sweets given as gifts.

All successes have got their secret, for is to present excellent products for quality and taste in the world.

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