DOSicily.com adheres to the general Program for the prevention and management of packaging and packaging waste.

Sustainability is one of our responsibilities: the decisions we make today can have a positive impact on tomorrow.

Find out how our products can minimize carbon emissions without compromising the supply chain.

Protecting balance is a responsibility of each of us.

As a company we are committed through certified systems to guarantee the recycling of packaging.

Protecting the environment is important because resources such as air, water, plant species and animal species are not inexhaustible, but often, and unfortunately, have been considered as such.

The protection of the environment is an issue that concerns the well-being and development of society, it is therefore a duty of all men and of all countries, without any exclusion.

Today, therefore, it is necessary to learn to consider the consequences that one's actions may have on the environment.

Ignorance or indifference, in the long run, can cause enormous and irreversible damage.

On the contrary, a thorough knowledge, small actions and daily attentions can help to preserve the environment and the surrounding nature, thus obtaining enormously beneficial effects on everyone's life, improving its quality.

Protecting the environment means making a concrete and constant commitment to improve the living conditions of every citizen.

Al contrario, una conoscenza approfondita, piccole azioni e attenzioni quotidiane possono aiutare a preservare l'ambiente e la natura circostante, ottenendo così effetti enormemente benefici sulla vita di ognuno, migliorandone la qualità. 

Tutelare l’ambiente significa impegnarsi concretamente e costantemente per migliorare le condizioni di vita di ogni cittadino. 

The Italian Legislative Decree 116/2020 requires that all packaging be appropriately labeled in order to provide consumers with the information necessary to identify the correct nature of the materials that compose them and the final destination of the packaging waste.

The labels of our products show all the symbols in accordance with the law on environmental labeling of packaging.

Example of the symbols shown on the label

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