Pure pistachio paste is one of the fundamental ingredients for making excellent pistachio desserts and ice creams

Pure paste for pistachio ice cream Elite

Available in 3 kg packs


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Unlike normal Pasta Pura, this product contains a very small percentage of chlorophyll.
The color of the ice cream is mixed between brown and green (see photo)
We recommend dosage 100g/120g per liter of product.

This pure pasta is a fresh product of the day! 
It is processed only when requested by the customer .
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FOR THE ICE CREAM: It is advisable to apply ELITE Pistachio paste on a base mix without aromas in order to enhance the intense typical taste of Pistachio.


Ingredients: Pistachio

Coloring: Cupric chlorophyll and curcumin


How to use: Mix well before use

Dosage: 80/100 g per liter of milk

Origin: EU

May contain traces of other nuts. The highlighted ingredients may cause reactions in allergic or intolerant people. 

Product for professional use not suitable for direct consumption


Nutritional information 

Averages per 100g / 100ml of product

Amount per 100g / 100ml of product 

Average per portion 80g

Amount per serving 80g

Energy Value /Energy value  

kcal 630,9

KJ 2605,9

Kcal 375

Kj 1567

Fats / Fat 
56,1 g 
19 g  
Saturated fatty acids 
5,6 g 
9 g  
Carbohydrates /Carbohydrates
8,1 g 
34 g
Of which sugars 
4,5 g
17 g  
Proteins / Proteins
18.1 g 
6 g  
Dietary fibres/Dietary fibre 
10,6 g 
1 g
Sale / Salt 
0 g  
* 1 serving corresponds to/ A serving is equivalent to: 80 g  

EXPIRY / SHELF LIFE: 12 months – 12 months  

Other Product Features in the SPECIFICATIONS section

Storage To be consumed preferably within 12 months from the date of production. The integrity of the product depends on the storage methods (See TRANSPORT AND STORAGE paragraph).
FLAVOR of pistachio
SMELL Characteristic
APPEARANCE (Solid) (> 35 ° C): solid
COMPANY Sold online by: DOSicily.com - VAT number 05304340879 - Registered office: Via Simeto 34 - 95034 Bronte (CT) ITALY Produced and packaged in the factory located in Bronte (CT) ITALY
STATEMENTS SHOWN ON THE LABEL Product name, lot, ingredients, net weight, nutritional values, TMC, information on storage methods, company name and establishment
TRANSPORT AND STORAGE The product must be stored in a clean, cool and dry environment away from heat sources at room temperature.
RECIPE PROFESSIONAL PISTACHIO ICE CREAM RECIPE 1 NEUTRAL BASE FOR GELATO GR. 150 (Neutral cold base for ice cream, in powder, ideal for the preparation of creamy ice creams) 430 ml MILK 100g FRESH CREAM (35%) 80 / 100gr DOSICILY PISTACHIO PASTE Heat over low heat 430 gr. of Whole Milk until boiling. Add to the milk and dissolve the contents of the bag well in the hot milk of the Roxy Gelato base and then add 100g of Fresh Cream. Leave the freshly mixed mixture to cool in the refrigerator. When the mixture is very cold, pour into the ice cream maker and stir. A few minutes before removing the ice cream from the ice cream maker, add 80/100 g of DOSicily pistachio paste. Remember to use neutral bases (no fiordilatte otherwise the taste is altered by the vanilla flavor).

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Pure pistachio pasta 100% ELITE

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  • Product Code: PURA POCO CLO.
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